Porta s.r.l. was launched in 1979, based on the technical experience of the founder acquired at the most important companies in the sector of fluid energy carriers (steam, diathermal or heat-transmitting oil, superheated water).

From the very beginning Porta s.r.l.’s customers have been represented by both small and large Italian companies, as well as the “main contractors” operating prevalently abroad. The latter have promoted the company’s development of an international approach to work.

In 1984 the company moved to the offices where it is currently based, with plenty of space available for both the offices and the warehouse.

In 1992 Porta s.r.l. realized the first complete consignment of a thermal-electric power station, in Dubai, guaranteeing design, final inspection, startup and after-sale assistance to the client.

To date the company has realized more than 250 plants: thermal-electric power stations, as well as industrial heating systems and process plants.

The guiding principle of the work of Porta s.r.l. concerns the optimization of the energy resources: we are aware that energy, in any form, is a valuable asset that has a high cost both for businesses (especially in Italy) and for the environment, and as such must be used in the most efficient way possible.

For this reason, Porta s.r.l.:

  • continuously researches highly ecological technical solutions, with innovative technologies such as cogeneration, the use of biomasses and biogas, low NOX content burners, heat pumps, high-yielding state-of-the-art turbines, the modern systems of tapping of pollutants etc.;
  • collaborates with the company Energy Manager, or, in the event that this figure is lacking, carries out this role, proposing solutions for the reduction of consumption and recovery of dispersed energy.

Our commitment towards the environment: every one of our technical solutions aims to lessen the environmental impact of businesses, proposing improvements which save energy and at the same time reduce waste and the releasing into the environment of harmful substances. In this way, besides an economical advantage for our Customer, our projects present an active ecological balance.

Our commitment towards the Customer: we guarantee technical expertise, resulting from years of experience in the field and continuous updating, resolution in the development of the work order, the use of innovative, high-quality products, total reliability and continuous technical assistance.

Our commitment to the Suppliers, from whom we ask reliability and punctuality: we guarantee regular and correct payments.

Our commitment towards collaborators and experts: we guarantee interaction with qualified staff, a stimulating work environment and optimum conditions for collaborating at the highest level of satisfaction.

Our commitment towards the Authorities: we guarantee clarity, collaboration and respect for the regulations.